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Company Description

The Inflection Point Inc. is a writing company founded by David Koper. David writes financial articles, books, newsletters, and scripts for educational videos. The vision is to give the US Military World-Class market education. The mission is to get our content in the hands of every Veteran seeking employment and every Service Member serving overseas. All printed material is for educational purposes only.

We want to alert our followers to the fast path to financial freedom like how Waze alerts drivers to the fastest path to their destination. Instead of diverting you from traffic jams, we are going to divert you from known hazards in your market. Email with subject “Land Mines” for your FREE REPORT on
Five Land Mines in Your Field.

Job Description

If you don't believe in the company vision and mission, stop reading and look elsewhere.


Don’t even contact us unless you’re the best and can prove it.  Earn $50,000 if you’re good, and $300,000 plus if you’re the best. TIP Inc. is in the entertainment biz and we hire star performers, not backgrounds. That’s right Charlie Sheen, welcome aboard! Young or old – if you have the stuff, we’ll know. Will train someone who has all the attributes we are looking for. Small base, but huge performance rewards to get you to $300,000 and beyond each year. Must be awesome at opening doors and getting appointments from a cold start. Must be highly self-motivated, a terrific presenter and communicator, and a barracuda closer. Come and build your own empire within our fine, progressive company. We have a superb reputation and need real stars to get commitment from our ideal buyers.


Positive attitude is REQUIRED. We will ban you or tell you to leave nicely. Duties will depend highly on your skill set. Although the job function is SALES SUPERSTAR, The Inflection Point Inc. may benefit from a gamut of other functions to include social media marketing/managing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website editing, video editing, acting, book writing, script writing, and our favorite: trading in your market. The most important part of your role is the sincere belief that you WILL add value to your market. We already know you can add value and we know you can adapt a rich mindset; it’s just a matter of your belief. Everything else is ancillary and all other things can be taught.

Regardless of your skill set, reading on your own time will be a job requirement. “The Evolution of an Entrepreneur,” by Jack Nadel, “It’s your Ship” by D. Michael Abrashoff, “Career Magic” by Lee Cockerell, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill, and “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie, for starters. Timeframe for reading is flexible.  Eighty eight percent of wealthy people read a minimum of thirty minutes a day for education or career purposes as opposed to two percent of poor people ( We believe you can't inherit wealth because wealth is intangible; wealth must be created by committing to reading, learning and applying every day. We want to empower our members and followers with the wealthiest of mindsets, so they may obtain all the riches they can imagine and desire. We also want to lead by example and focus on education instead of real money in order to have a greater impact on our community and society as a whole.

You will be required to spend at least 20% of your time working on your F.R.E.E. investments (F.R.E.E. is our acronym for Family Recreation Enjoyment and Excitement).


Some benefits include access to world class entrepreneur mentors, access to world class trading experts with over 20 years of trading experience, and access to all company written material and trade setup worksheets with built-in formulas. Plus, connecting with us on social media will get you very close to the largest chat room on Wall St. and individual traders making 400% every year. Ask us about our connections. You will have the opportunity to contribute to future video newsletters. Once this knowledge is passed on, you may take it with you anywhere you choose to go.


·        We are hiring.

·        Get knowledge from watching and reading.

·        The only way to wealth is to invest in yourself.

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David W. Koper, CEO

Founder at The Inflection Point Inc.

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