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Published 25 January, 2018

by Dkope

Founder (Dkope) shares how he made 316.88% returns in one month by making five trades from his phone

This is a snap shot of my Robinhood account performance over the last three months. For years and years, well over a decade, I wondered how certain people did it. You know, how they turned what was basically nothing into something of great value. 

Then, one day, I discovered the alchemic formula for myself. These ideas will make you rich to the core. No one else is teaching trading like this.  

So, here it is, my exact trades for those wondering the specifics of this performance...

All five trades were BIG winners, ranging from +31.7% gains to +59.2% gains. Even though the performance looks stunningly similar to some crypto-currency plays as of late, I didn't buy or sell one crypto-currency (Although you could argue the Kodak move was Crypto related).  

Ok Dkope, how did you do it!? Well, I did it by being a chameleon in the market. My strategy changed to match the situation every time. Here are three tips for growing a small account...

  • Be super selective
  • Wait for the perfect storm
  • Act only with great conviction and risk it all!

I just completed recording a fully automated course to teach exactly what you need to know to do this. I named it Inflection Point Alchemy and its ready to start making millionaires RIGHT NOW.

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