David Koper started working for the Department of Defense at the United States Army Corps of Engineers in July 2009. After several years working, he decided to deploy overseas to support Operation Enduring Freedom. After two separate deployments, he settled back down in the Philadelphia District and joined the Leadership Development Program.

It was in this Leadership Development Program where he began to take to his passion of giving back to Service Members. He was introduced to key mentors on the Corps corporate board and also started reaching out to the best-selling authors of books he read outside of work. Lee Cockerell, Jack Nadel, and D. Michael Abrashoff are some of the authors Koper connected with in pursuit of delivering a World-Class product.

Knowing this idea needed community support to be successful, Koper went on to found The Inflection Point Inc. writing company where he started bringing in friends and family to hold company interest. After raising approximately $30,000 through every source imaginable, he sought ways to Create Wealth monetarily to capture trends in his market.

The company released their first book, The Inflection Point, Where Trading Meets Investing, shortly after founding the Company in July of 2015. Koper went on to found his trading company, The Volatility Complex LLC, in September 2015. Knowing he needed help navigating the markets and staying current with trends, he researched the market of proprietary trading firms and penny stock entrepreneurs.

Read Koper’s books to be entertained or study every word to create your own wealth while serving your country. Follow the Leaderboard and Loserboard of hot and cold stock trends on both websites (www.theinflectionpt.com and www.thevolatilitycomplex.com), subscribe to TIP Inc.’s Newsletter, or reach out to info@theinflectionpt.com for trade templates.

David W. Koper

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